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Notre école

AEFE, a public institution. The scale, diversity and importance of the French school network abroad, has led to the establishment of a specialized structure that is completely dedicated to this network. The agency for French Education Abroad(AEFE) was founded in 1990. It is established as a national agency under the administration of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Its primary mission is to guarantee and boost the French education system abroad and as such it runs most of the foreign French Education institutions.

Le plus grand réseau scolaire au monde

494 institutions in 135 countries.

324,000 students, 60% foreigners and 40% French

6500 expatriate or resident National Education holders.

20,000 local recruits.

Notre mission

To ensure the continuity of the French public education for the benefit of the French children and families resident abroad.

Contributing to the expansion of France's culture and the influence of the French culture and the French language throughout the world, by the education of foreign students.

Educational cooperation by maintaining special relations with the culture and language of the host country.

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