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Welcome to Kampala nursery school

The nursery classes of the French school of Kampala welcome children from 2 years and takes place over 4 years of schooling: Any Small Section, Small Section, Medium Section, and Large Section
In kindergarten, children develop basic skills that will ensure later good reading and writing skills. They thus acquire fundamental learnings and also make their first relational experiences with little ones of their age.

Also, our whole team is mobilized to ensure the welcome and well-being of our young students, to guarantee them the best learning conditions.

The play has a special place in it: it fosters a wealth of experiences and feeds all areas of learning. Nursery school also allows children to learn together and live together: it provides a first acquisition of the principles of life in society and allows children to build themselves up as a singular person within a group.

Educational programs

The programs applied at the French school in Kampala conform to those of the French National Education provided in all French establishments.

School learning is based on a common foundation of knowledge and skills defined by the French Ministry of National Education. Primary education consists of three cycles.

Nursery school is the cycle of early learning, it constitutes the educational and pedagogical base on which learning is based and developed. The child must acquire a rich oral language, organized and understandable by the other. It is through play, action, independent research, experiences, that the child, according to his own path, builds his fundamental acquisitions there.

There are 5 areas of learning worked in kindergarten:

  • Mobilize language in all its dimensions
  • Act, express yourself, understand through physical activity
  • Act, express themselves, understand through artistic activities
  • Build the first tools to structure your thinking
  • Explore the world

The nursery school welcomes children who have reached the age of 3 by 31 December of the current school year at the latest. Within our school, there is a very small section which can educate children from 2 years old.

At the nursery school of the French school in Kampala, special attention is paid to the pace of progress of each. The child’s progress is regularly monitored.

In addition to French, all children learn English there.

A school of projects

In nursery school, we work around projects throughout the year: artistic, seasonal, or cultural project.

We learn at our own pace, together or independently, in a workshop with the teacher or with individual activity.

We play a lot, inside, outside, in the classroom, in the motor skills room, in the library.

We use digital technology to exchange, learn, write stories, or discover the world.

We also party: Christmas, Candlemas, Carnival, Spring Festival, … and always with the help of parents.

In each of the 4 class levels – Any Small Section (TPS), Small Section (PS), Medium Section (MS), and Large Section (GS) – a childminder is permanently present in the class to assist the teacher.

Infrastructure and access

Located on a wooded lot, the nursery section has three classrooms and a motor skills room, a large protected courtyard equipped with games.

A library welcomes students with their teachers. The children listen to stories there, can freely consult the albums.

One of the classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard that allows students to listen to stories, view images and works of art and act interactively.


Children come to class 3 full days from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) and two half-days from 8:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. (Wednesday and Friday)

Extra-curricular activities and a daycare service are offered from 3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.