Welcoming words from the head of school

Dear parents, dear visitors

Through this site, the French school Les Grands Lacs is pleased to present its identity card, its community, and its assets.

Establishment on a human scale, dynamic and committed, educating French, Ugandan or international students, from the very small section from kindergarten to 12th grade, it aims for inclusion and success for all in a serene, fulfilling school climate conducive to learning.

The reception of families and students is particularly cared for by professional, versatile, multilingual, and multicultural teams, serving the school community and the inclusive school.

At the same time family and demanding, French and international, innovative and registered in common values, where trust, benevolence, and excellence combine through a united education and a quality of teaching recognized within the vast world network of teaching. French abroad, the French school in Kampala leads its students to particularly solid academic and educational skills.

Around a school project whose main axes are multilingualism, openness to the world, success for all, inclusion, and personal development, our teams bring to life rich and varied and modern educational and educational programs and courses, which integrate profiles, needs, and ambitions of each of our students.

With a multilingual, ambitious, and efficient language policy, at the forefront from an early age up to high school, with a willingness to open up to the country, the local language and culture, the continuity of schooling through both the world and the professional path is ensured for expatriate students as well as for young nationals.

The school provides access to the DNB national exam as well as to Cambridge certifications in English, all of which are orchestrated on site. High school students are enrolled in a system in partnership with the CNED (National Center for Distance Education) and prepare for the BAC which allows access to higher studies in France and abroad.

Quality infrastructures have been developed and improved in recent years (synthetic sports ground, interactive video projectors, computer room, etc.) and allow our students to be welcomed in good conditions.

These various developments are made possible thanks to the unwavering involvement of our parent managers and volunteers in governance bodies working in harmony with the pedagogical and operational teams so that the establishment grows serenely and adapts to educational needs. of our time and the legitimate demands of families.

I invite you to read carefully the different sections of this site to familiarize yourself with our school and not to hesitate to contact us for further information. Our administrative team is at your service and will be happy to provide you with information.


Isabelle Tabart

Isabelle Tabart