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Our school/our values

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Facts and figures

Establishment approved by the AEFE
210 students, 28 different nationalities.
French national education program, complemented by a multilingual educational project.

French Baccalaureate

Languages ​​taught: English, Spanish

Educational project

Our educational project aims to consolidate the excellence of our establishment.
Here is a summary of the main points on which our efforts are focused:

  • A multilingual school open to the world
  • Individualization and promotion of success paths
  • Improvement of the school environment
Consult the full document of the Establishment Project

Results and further studies

Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB)

With 100% of admissions, the 3rd year students of the 2019 class obtain excellent results: 50% obtain a Very Good mention and 33% a Good mention


Out of the 3 students from Terminale in the 2019 class, 2 obtained their baccalaureate.
Bachelors continue their higher education in France or in another country.

The establishment project of the French school in Kampala is established on common objectives based on shared values ​​in a democratic society (respect for others, autonomy, responsibility, trust, integration of differences, secularism, solidarity, equity, tolerance…) and aims to make the student actor of:

  •  His instruction and education
  • The development of his personal and professional project
  • Its social integration within a globalized society

For parents, students, staff members, choosing to belong to the EFK community means choosing all the riches linked to multiculturalism, but also accepting its rules and constraints.

The school offers in particular:

  • Bilingual education – in French and English
  • An education of excellence, with dedicated teachers and collaborators
  • An internationally recognized qualification, giving access to the best schools and universities in the world
  • The largest network of schools in the world, with a unique program in 492 schools in 137 countries
  • A multicultural environment, with students of more than 28 nationalities
  • Continuous education, from 2 to 18 years old, in a mixed and secular environment
  • A wide choice of extra-curricular activities