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The French school in Kampala is an independent non-profit organization that respects Ugandan operating rules. There are two governing bodies in the school:

The Management Committee (CG) directs and manages the French school in Kampala in compliance with Ugandan law and according to the recommendations of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The School Council intervenes on all school and educational aspects with the assistance of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The Management Committee

The members of the Management Committee are elected by the parents during one of the biannual general meetings of the Association of Parents of Students (APE). The Management Committee represents the parents and manages the school on their behalf. The members are volunteers who devote their time and energy to running the school. The members of the Management Committee meet all together on average once a month and work the rest of the time in sub-committees.

Download the English version of the APE statutes.

The main responsibilities of the Management Committee:

Define and implement a school establishment strategy

Manage human resources and finance the establishment's infrastructure and equipment

Ensure that the establishment meets the security and safety requirements and rules

Ensure the proper maintenance of school infrastructure and improve the school environment

Manage all financial aspects of the school: budget, tuition, fundraising, payments and cash management, staff salaries, capital and audit.

Establish close links with school management, teachers and administrative staff and respond to their proposals

Define and implement the school communication strategy